Welcome to Interdisciplinary Refereed Journals & Books Publishers (IRJBP)

IRJBP publishes scholarly journals and books from varied academic disciplines. The journals are published through an open access model. Open access publishing provides immediate, worldwide, barrier-free access to the full-text of all published articles. This model allows all interested readers to view, download, print, and redistribute any article without a subscription, enabling far greater distribution of an author’s work than the traditional subscription-based publishing model. Open access publishing is thus becoming the most preferred model of scholarly work publishing in today’s digital World as it leads to an increase in the impact of authors work. In an open access model, the publication costs of an article are paid from an author’s research budget, or by their supporting institution, in the form of Article Processing Charges. These Article Processing Charges replace subscription charges and allow publishers to make the full-text of every published article freely available to all interested readers. The Article Processing Charges thus cover the editorial and peer review cost, journal publishing, website hosting and administrative costs for article publication. IRJBP aims at providing a platform for hosting high quality and original scholastic journals whose articles are relevant and impactful in solving challenges relating to the varied human kind issues.

All the journals hosted at IRJBP have met the following minimum quality requirements: 
  • The journal has a reputable board of scholars who are holders of earned doctorate degree qualifications from accredited universities at the level of Senior Lecturers and above;
  • Peer Reviewers drawn from research institutions, industry and professional bodies have:
    • at least a Master’s degree qualification in a relevant field of study;
    • a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the field at senior positions; and
    • are members of a relevant professional body, where applicable, with a valid professional license.
  • The journal has a well established publishing tradition replicated in its processes;
  • The journal’s policy regarding the articles it publishes are clearly stated in the ‘About Journal’ page; and
  • The journal has applied for and obtained an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).


To publish your article(s) at IRJBP, please follow the submission props available at the relevant journal landing page. For any inquiries regarding journal hosting or any lawful scholarly use of our website, please do not hesitate to contact us via the details provided on our ‘Contact Us’ page or simply write to us through the editor@irjbp.com.